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Rab’e Rashidi Special Science and Technology Region


-Tabriz, one Iran’s largest cities, was in its heyday 700 years ago, the capital of the Mongol dynasty in the Islamic Republic of Iran and a regional intellectual and cultural hub. Considering cultural episodes in Iran between the 5th and 7th Centuries A.H., Khaje Rashid-al-Din Hamadani thought of building Rab’e Rashidi, an enormous university complex in East Tabriz. Accordingly, he founded and richly endowed that complex in 699 A.H., making Tabriz City a center for science and art in those days. It was quite an art that he established an international academic complex based on realistic approach, Plurality yet Unity, moderate strategies, and helping innovation to increase.

-It has been the biggest charity foundation in Islamic World in the field of science and technology

-Rab’e Rashidi was a center for scientific discourse among civilizations. Common courses were taught to thousands of students in not only Persian and Arabic, but Turkish, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Mongolian, and probably Sanskrit.

-The Rab’e Rashidi endowment manuscript clearly reflects Iranian culture and life during Ilkhani dynasty. Due to the vast scope of the endowed properties and the high value of them as well as the high status of the Rab'e Rashidi, this manuscript is of universal significance.

-Being one of rare examples in Iran’s municipal engineering history, Rab’e Rashidi is an epitome of urban planning and management. This is why piles of dust haven’t been able to blemish its dignity and value over years, and it remains engraved on minds.

Special Science and Technology Region as an Innovation Ecosystem

Special science and technology regions - consisting of scientific, industrial, manufacturing, laboratory, research, infrastructure and communication environments, institutions and organizations, individuals and information facilities - promote technology and, as a result, production, wealth, national welfare and knowledge-based society by relying on creativity and innovation in a geographical area. They perform based on a system aligned with predetermined goals and strategies, and attract scientific, economic, human, national, regional and international opportunities and resources, at the same time share the benefits of all beneficiaries and synergize potentials of organizations, centers and institutions in the region.

Technology Development Centers and their main role in the RSTR

Member/ Institution Main Role
1 Rab’e Rashidi Scientific, Historic and Cultural Complex Central Headquarter of Health Center
2 Tabriz University Bio-Technology
3 Sahlan Special Economic Zone International Technology Collaborations
4 Leather Industrial Town Leather Technology
5 Automotive Spare Parts Industrial Park Spare Pats and Machine Tools Technology
6 Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University New Energies
7 Science and Technology Park Chemical, Polymer and Advanced Material
8 Sahand Technical University Nano-Material and Mineral Industries Metallurgy
9 Tabriz Industrial Estate 4 Food, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Engineer (Health)
10 Technology Park for Electronic and Home Appliances Electricity & Electronic, Home Appliances & IT

Innovation and Technology Networks

  • 1. Automotive Manufacturing and Parts Innovation and Technology Network
  • 2. Electronics and Microelectronics Innovation and Technology Network
  • 3. Water and Soil Innovation and Technology Network
  • 4. Biomedical Engineering Innovation and Technology Network
  • 5. Cognitive Science Innovation and Technology Network
  • 6. Information and Communication Innovation and Technology Network
  • 7. Food, Pharmaceutical, Sanitary and Cosmetics Industries Innovation and Technology Network
  • 8. Nano Innovation and Technology Network
  • 9. Textile and Apparel Industry Innovation and Technology Network
  • 10. Renewable Energy Innovation and Technology Network
  • 11. Biological Innovation and Technology Network
  • 12. Medicinal Herbs and Traditional Medicine Innovation and Technology Network
  • 13. Oil and Gas Innovation and Technology Network
  • 14. Advanced Materials and Composite Innovation and Technology Network
  • 15. Biological & Genetic Resources (BGRN) Innovation and Technology
  • 16. Stem Cells & Regenerative medicine Innovation and Technology Network
  • 17. Mine and Mineral Processing Innovation & Technology Network