About East Azerbijan

آذربایجان شرقی

East Azarbaijan Province

The land of Azarbaijan is one of the oldest civilizations of Iran and has an important position in the ancient civilization of Iran. Tabriz, historical center of Azarbaijan area, is an ancient city which its initial historical signs date back to eighth century BC, where it is referred to as the conquest of the insignia of the Assyrian king Sargon II. According to the historical signs, Azarbaijan was at a very remote time and has enjoyed significant economic, social and industrial activities (in terms of being on the way to the Silk Road), in which archaeologists, have found the oldest carpet (Pazirk carpets) in this area.


subject number
Active industrial units 4587
Guild units 150000
Homogenous industries associations 13
Recognized industrial clusters 33
Active industrial parks 6
Available industrial parks 37
Under-construction industrial parks 5
Automotive spare parts industrial park 1
GDP 10.086 Billion USD
Employment in Each Secto
Industry 41%
Agriculture 20%
Service 39%