Time: 8 to 12 November 2021

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Rinotex Technology Festival

Rabe Rashidi Innovation and Technology Exhibition is held annually in Tabriz in order to improve the knowledge-based business environment and with the approach of technology development and commercialization. This exhibition and festival was held in previous years as the exhibition and festival of new and advanced technologies of Rabe Rashidi, which has continued its activities since 2017 with the change of title to Rabe Rashidi Innovation and Technology Exhibition and the abbreviated name of RINOTEX. The first period of the exhibition was held continuously in 2005 and its subsequent periods have been held since 2014. In 2020, the eighth period of this exhibition was held for the first time virtually on the RINOTEX website due to the coronavirus epidemic and with the cooperation of companies active in this field. This exhibition is held every November in Tabriz International Exhibition Center and has visitors and participants from all over the world. The ninth Rabe Rashidi Innovation and Technology Exhibition will be held in person-virtual in November 2021.

Benefits of Participating in RINOTEX

  • 1- Introducing and Delivering the Technological Product or Project to the Target Market and Increasing Sales Possibility
  • 2- Getting Acquainted with Institutions and Organizations Supporting Knowledge-Based Businesses
  • 3- Chance of Winning the Festival Rewards
  • 4- Getting Acquainted and Interacting with the Network of Technologists and Related Businesses
  • 5- Opportunity to Make Use of Specialized Workshops and Meetings
  • 6- Opportunity to Interact with Technologists and Owners of Foreign Countries
  • 7- Getting Acquainted with Senior Administrations and Officials

RINOTEX 2021: Simultaneous Events

  • will be announced soon

Registration Process

Registration Steps in Rinotex

Objectives Of The Event

  • Technology commercialization
  • Laying the groundwork for completing the cycle from science to technology and technology to business
  • Identify and introduce technological innovations and inventions and knowledge-based designs and ideas
  • Introducing research and technology capabilities and laying the groundwork for their application
  • Establishing connections between academics and technologists with different economic and executive sectors
  • Expand regional, national and international technological cooperation
  • Creating a suitable business environment for scientific and technological elites and forming knowledge-based companies
  • Attract investment (domestic and foreign) for knowledge-based investment opportunities
  • Increase exports of knowledge-based products and services

Information About East Azerbaijan Province

The region of Azerbaijan is one of the oldest Iranian civilizations and has a stable position in the ancient civilization of Iran. Tabriz, the historical center of this region, is an ancient city whose first historical signs date back to eight centuries BC, where its conquest is mentioned in the inscription of Sargon II, the Assyrian king. According to history, Azerbaijan has been inhabited for a long time and has had significant economic, social and industrial activities (due to its location on the Silk Road), so that archaeologists believe that the texture of the oldest woven carpet (Pazirk carpet) is attributed to this region.


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